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How does Issuer Consulting help with DTC Eligibility?

Issuer Consulting is an advocate for small public companies in applying for and remaining DTC eligibile. We connect small public companies to broker particpants to make this possible. We also assist public companies directly with chill removals and other DTC issues.

Issuer Consulting was organized by securities industry professionals to educate and assist public companies with DTC eligibility. Over the last few years, an increase in difficulties has been evident in regards to obtaining DTC eligibility and DTC FAST/DWAC eligibility, removing DTC chills, and navigating through the application process successfully. Furthermore, because DTC is strictly regulated by the SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve, DTC has the right to withhold explanation of why an issuer is rejected, thus, public companies have found it very difficult to determine what to look for when submitting their applications.  We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help guide you through these issues and apply for DTC eligibility.

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