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Issuer Consulting provides professional advising services for public, private, shell and emerging companies. Our team helps you and your company succeed while you remain legally compliant.

DTC Eligibility

DTC eligibility allows public companies to deposit and trade their securities more efficiently. We can help you apply.

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Going Public

Going public is a worthwhile endeavor but can be a long, complex process without Issuer Consulting's guidance.

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Secondary Offerings

Our experienced staff provides guidance to help you successfully conduct secondary offerings post-IPO.

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Venture Capital

Venture capital is a great source to leverage your companies' operations to the next level. We can help you decide if seeking VC funding makes sense for you.

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Crowdfunding Offerings

Many companies that aim to raise capital use crowdfunding to pool money from a large number of investors.

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Initial Public Offerings

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first time that a company makes their shares publicly tradable on an exchange.

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Capital Raising

For many entrepreneurs, the biggest obstacle when launching a company is capital raising.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Issuer Consulting provides full advisory and consulting services for mergers and acquisitions for both public and private companies.

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Private Equity

Private equity, or PE, is capital that is not traded nor listed on stock exchanges. It is often contrasted with public equity.

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15c2-11 Application

SEC Rule 15c2-11 was designed to allow non-reporting public companies to list their securities on The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) by filing some basic disclosures.

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Management Consulting

Issuer Consulting offers many valuable management consulting services. We act as your CFO, SEC filings, and expert witness consultant depending on your company’s needs.

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Corporate Marketing

Corporate Marketing is crucial to the success of companies of all sizes and varying levels of experience. It initially allows small and emerging companies to diversify and increase their investor or customer base.

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Reverse Mergers

A reverse merger is an alternative to an initial public offering (IPO), which allows private companies to become public.

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CFO Consultant

At Issuer Consulting, we prioritize our clients and pride ourselves on our communication. Our professional team will relieve your financial stress by acting as your personal CFO consultant.

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SEC Filings Consulting

If you own a public company that issues stock, you’re required to file many forms by the SEC. SEC requirements involve numerous filings that consistently change.

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Expert Witness Services

By definition, an expert witness is an expert in a specific field that testifies in court, providing evidence relevant to their respective case. Often, this evidence can greatly influence the judge’s decision.

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Financial Roadshow Marketing

A common way that companies widen their reach and increase their audience is by engaging in financial roadshow marketing. It can be a long difficult process to plan a successful financial roadshow.

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Website Development

Issuer Consulting offers consulting services which help you create and maintain a professional corporate website. Our staff maximizes the effectiveness of your website, generating unique ideas to engage a wide range of consumers.

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Online Marketing

An engaging website will greatly enhance your ability to market your products or services online. However, online marketing requires immense planning and more outlets than just one website.

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Stock Exchange Listings

Following an IPO, a company’s shares become publicly tradeable and listed on a stock exchange. This significantly increases the company’s capital and exposure, as a large number of investors may buy your shares.

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IssuerConsulting Quality Policy

Issuer Consulting provides a wide range of professional consulting services for public and private issuers. Our team helps you and your company succeed while you remain legally compliant.

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