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DTC Eligibility

DTC eligibility allows public companies to deposit and trade their securities more efficiently. We can help you apply.

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Going Public

Going public is a worthwhile endeavor but can be a long, complex process without Issuer Consulting's guidance.

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Secondary Offerings

Our experienced staff provides guidance to help you successfully conduct secondary offerings post-IPO.

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Venture Capital

Venture capital is a great source to leverage your companies' operations to the next level. We can help you decide if seeking VC funding makes sense for you.

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Crowdfunding Offerings

Many companies that aim to raise capital use crowdfunding to pool money from a large number of investors.

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Initial Public Offerings

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first time that a company makes their shares publicly tradable on an exchange.

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Consulting Services For Public and Private Companies

Issuer Consulting provides advisory services for your company’s marketing, capital raising, and SEC filing needs. We further advise companies on optimal strategies for transitioning to a public company. Our benefits are highlighted below.


Targeted Advice


Timely Communication



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Our professional consulting services are designed to help you with your securities compliance and public company corporate needs. Our seasoned representatives have the expertise to guide you through very complex to every day issues regarding your securities and cap table structure, as well as provide advice regarding mergers and acquisitions, securities industry vendors, going public, shareholder meetings and more. Whether it is acting as your CFO consultant or providing one-time targeted securities advice, our team is well-equipped to provide quality guidance.


As your CFO consultant, Issuer Consulting addresses many of your company’s needs. We help you with evaluating your cap table structure, capital raising, competitive angle, roadshows, SEC filings, broker deposits, vendor selection and more. Our CFO services improve both the efficacy and reputation of your company.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) allow companies to significantly increase their investor base and thus raise capital, providing additional funds to fuel company growth and expand operations.  Through IPOs, companies can list on public exchanges in the U.S. including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, etc.  Our IPO consulting services help you determine if an IPO is right for you by examining your industry, competitive angle, financials, funding needs, valuation and exit strategies.

Before going public, formal exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE require issuers to become DTC eligible. DTC eligibility refers to an issuer’s securities that are deposited through the Depository Trust Company, or DTC (also known as DTCC), which facilitates stock clearing and settlement for U.S. securities markets, and also enhances trading.  Our consulting firm can help you apply for DTC eligibility.

There are many specifics that factor into a company’s decision to conduct a merger or acquisition. Companies typically merge or acquire another company to expand or refine their market penetration, enhance growth opportunities, capitalize on synergies, eliminate competition, and increase supply-chain pricing power.  It depends on your financial situation, industry, opportunity, and personal needs; a consulting firm like Issuer Consulting helps determine if M&A is right for you based on all of these factors and more.


Issuer Consulting helps a wide variety of companies: public, private, shell, and emerging ventures.

Public Companies
Private Companies
Shell Companies
Emerging Ventures


What makes a great CEO

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7 Ways to Ruin the Stock Market Trading in your Public Company

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SEC Approved Revised Nasdaq 20% Rule

This article provides information regarding the essential impact of the Nasdaq 20% Rule for Shareholder Approval on private offerings approved by the SEC. On September 26, 2018, NASDAQ amended SEC Rule 5635(d) concerning public companies to identify if a shareholder vote is required in order to approve a specific transaction which would lead to the

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