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[consultplus_single_section layout=”middle_title” single_title=”Consulting Services” single_title_two=”For Public and Private Companies”]Issuer Consulting provides advisory services for your company’s marketing, capital raising, and SEC filing needs. We further advise companies on optimal strategies for transitioning to a public company. Our benefits are highlighted below.[/consultplus_single_section]
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Issuer Consulting helps a wide variety of companies: public, private, shell, and emerging ventures.

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[consultplus_single_section layout=”our_company” single_title=”our company”]Our professional consulting services are designed to help you with your securities compliance and public company corporate needs. Our seasoned representatives have the expertise to guide you through very complex to every day issues regarding your securities and cap table structure, as well as provide advice regarding mergers and acquisitions, securities industry vendors, going public, shareholder meetings and more. Whether it is acting as your CFO consultant or providing one-time targeted securities advice, our team is well-equipped to provide quality guidance.[/consultplus_single_section]


There’s a lot of specifics that factor in to the decision of conducting a merger or acquisition. Sometimes companies merge to increase their audience and ultimately grow; on the other hand, sometimes companies are acquired when they are declining and the issuer desires to cash out before he loses too much money. It depends on your financial situation; a consulting firm like Issuer Consulting helps determine if M&A is right for you.

IPOs allow for companies to significantly increase their investor base and thus raise capital at the expense of heightened scrutiny and regulations imposed by the SEC. If you can manage these regulations, an IPO is likely right for you.

Before going public, major exchanges like the NYSE may require that issuers become DTC eligible. This means that all securities are deposited through the Depository Trust Commission, or DTC, which facilitates stock trading. DTC eligibility is not a requirement to list on all exchanges.

Financial roadshows are an optimal time to learn more about your customers and investors, as well as your competitors. They can further be an effective way to market and ultimately grow your company. Conducting a financial roadshow successfully requires extensive financial planning as well as planning the show itself. This process will go smoothly with the guidance of Issuer Consulting.

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