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    SEC Filings Consulting

    If you are an executive of a public company, you’re required to file many forms to the SEC in order to remain compliant with federal regulations. SEC requirements involve numerous filings that consistently change. It’s vital to be aware of these minor, and occasionally major, filing changes as well as how to work with the SEC congruously. Issuer Consulting offers advising services, ensuring that your SEC filings are submitted properly, utilizing your attorneys and SEC filing agent appropriately.


    Financial documents are tremendously time-consuming and it is difficult to keep track of every filing that is required by the SEC. Issuer Consulting provides professional guidance throughout your SEC filing process. Our staff will:

    • Work in conjunction with your attorney and auditors on your SEC filings.  We help prep documents, make edits and more on an as-needed basis.
    • Ensure that you know exactly which forms you have to file, whether you’re engaging in crowdfunding, quarterly or annual financial reports, registering stock, or filing for other purposes
    • Find you an EDGAR or XBRL filing agent
    • Evaluate the XBRL tagging quality of your financial documents including inline XBRL (iXBRL) formatting services
    • Assist you with mailing or printing services to ensure your filings are sent to investors when required
    • Thoroughly review SEC filing deadlines, allowing you to complete all of your documents in a timely manner

    Find an EDGAR/XBRL Filing Provider

    Help you find a reputable EDGAR or XBRL filing provider

    Prepare and Submit Filings

    Help prepare and submit filings on an as needed basis by working as a liaison between your attorneys and auditors.

    Find Mailing or Printing Service

    Help you find a professional mailing or printing service to ensure your files are printed neatly and accurately

    Financial Documents


    Below is a list of some common EDGAR documents that we can help you prepare and submit.

    • Registration Statements: S-1, 1-A, Form 10
    • Quarterly and Annual Reports: 10-Q, 10-K
    • Section 16 Filing Requirement: Forms 3, 4, and 5
    • Proxy Statements: DEF 14A, DEF 14C
    • Material changes and events: Form 8-K, 6-K
    • Crowdfunding Forms C, C-U, C-AR, C-TR
    • Fund Filings: N-CSR, N-CSRS, N-1A, N-2, N-3, N-4, N-6


    Attempting to organize and complete all of your SEC filings can be overwhelming. A consulting firm is vital to ease your stress; in addition, keeping up with deadlines reinforces your company’s reputation and allows your employees to strictly focus on its growth rather than grapple with the SEC. View the SEC’s filing deadlines.

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