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As your CFO consultant, Issuer Consulting addresses many of your company’s needs. We help you with evaluating your cap table structure, capital raising, competitive angle, roadshows, SEC filings, broker deposits, vendor selection and more. Our CFO services improve both the efficacy and reputation of your company.

There are many specifics that factor into a company’s decision to conduct a merger or acquisition. Companies typically merge or acquire another company to expand or refine their market penetration, enhance growth opportunities, capitalize on synergies, eliminate competition, and increase supply-chain pricing power.  It depends on your financial situation, industry, opportunity, and personal needs; a consulting firm like Issuer Consulting helps determine if M&A is right for you based on all of these factors and more.
Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) allow companies to significantly increase their investor base and thus raise capital, providing additional funds to fuel company growth and expand operations.  Through IPOs, companies can list on public exchanges in the U.S. including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, etc.  Our IPO consulting services help you determine if an IPO is right for you by examining your industry, competitive angle, financials, funding needs, valuation and exit strategies.
Before going public, formal exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE require issuers to become DTC eligible. DTC eligibility refers to an issuer’s securities that are deposited through the Depository Trust Company, or DTC (also known as DTCC), which facilitates stock clearing and settlement for U.S. securities markets, and also enhances trading.  Our consulting firm can help you apply for DTC eligibility.
Financial roadshows are an optimal time to speak to current investors and enhance networking opportunities. They can further be an effective way to market to new investors and raise funds for your company. Having a successful financial roadshow requires extensive marketing and planning through effective presentations, successful one on one meetings and more.  Issuer Consulting can help guide you through the process with targeted advice for an effective financial roadshow for your company.

Improving SEO is critical to marketing your company’s products, services, and crafting a pitch to investors. Choosing unique keywords and engaging meta-descriptions will drastically improve your company’s SEO. The more unique your content is, the more likely it will show up on search engines.  We can help you with your SEO campaign.

OTC Markets has fewer requirements than major stock exchanges such as the NYSE or NASDAQ.  To trade on OTC Markets, issuers must file a 15c2-11 application through a market maker.  Issuer Consulting can help you get this done.

To conduct a crowdfunding offering, you must use a funding portal website. You can raise the following amounts:

  • up to maximum of $1 million utilizing Reg CF
  • up to maximum of $50 million via Reg A+, and
  • an unlimited amount of capital via Regulation D 506

Issuer Consulting helps you craft a plan to maximize the amount of capital you raise as well as introduce you to partnered funding portals.

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