SEC Approved Revised Nasdaq 20% Rule

This article provides information regarding the essential impact of the Nasdaq 20% Rule for Shareholder Approval on private offerings approved by the SEC. On September 26, 2018, NASDAQ amended SEC Rule 5635(d) concerning public companies to identify if a shareholder vote is required in order to approve a specific transaction which would lead to the

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12 Tips on Conducting a Successful Investor Roadshow

Lastly, be sure to evaluate your success at the roadshow. Make sure you know what worked and what didn’t so that you can adapt to future shows. Monitor investor activity closely to gauge their success.

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Wyoming Passes 5 Blockchain Legislation Bills

In March 2018, Wyoming’s state government passed five pro-blockchain and pro-cryptocurrency bills: HB 70, HB 101, HB 126, HB 19, and SF 111. For the United States, this marks the beginning of their embrace of blockchain technology.

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