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    Management Consulting

    Issuer Consulting offers many valuable management consulting services. We act as your CFO, SEC filings, and expert witness consultant depending on your company’s needs. Management consulting is an incredibly valuable industry that gives companies the tools to rise above their competition. At Issuer Consulting, we pride ourselves on our ability to foster your company’s continued success.

    Issuers have a lot of responsibilities; while they run their company, it is easy to become distracted from maintaining compliance with legal requirements from the SEC, filing required documents, or addressing legal matters. Issuer Consulting ensures you are well-equipped to handle these tasks. We provide you with the knowledge to perform these tedious tasks quickly and efficiently.

    CFO Consultant

    Our CFO consultant services include working with transfer agents, discussing optimal capital raising strategies, strategic planning, SEC filings, investor relations, assessing your cap table structure, and ensuring your compliance with the SEC. With Issuer Consulting as your CFO consultant, you have the freedom to focus on developing your company and the most important parts of your business.

    Expert Witness Consultant

    Finally, if you find yourself caught in a legal bind, Issuer Consulting is the right company for you. We provide extensive expert witness services, comprehensively detailed on our expert witness page. We vouch for you any way possible in your court cases, providing proof of everything from share transfers to any form of financial securities documents and compliance with transfer agent rules.

    CFO Consultant

    Assist you with CFO-related duties including managing your cap table and discussing budget plans

    SEC Filings Consultant

    Ensure you remain compliant with the SEC, maintaining neat and accurate filings

    Expert Witness

    Act as you professional expert witness and provide testimony regarding any of our services

    SEC Filings Consultant

    Our staff will provide you with the necessary SEC filing information to comply with the SEC. Within this management consulting department, we offer a number of helpful services such as finding you an EDGAR provider, assessing your XBRL tagging quality, and keeping you up to date with upcoming filing deadlines. The SEC has numerous financial documents required of issuers. For example, public companies who sell their stock on exchanges or OTC markets must register with the SEC. Everything from registering securities and filing quarterly and annual reports to performing private or public (IPO, M&A, etc.) transactions requires SEC filings. However, this process is simplified with a consulting firm like Issuer Consulting as your personal adviser.

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