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    Expert Witness Services

    By definition, an expert witness is an expert in a specific field that testifies in court, providing evidence relevant to their respective case. Often, this evidence can greatly influence the judge’s decision. In the process of buying or selling securities and completing financial documents, companies and/or individuals are sometimes prosecuted for breach of contract or even fraud. One type of contract breach common to the financial industry is associated with securities purchase agreements, in which an investor or the company breaks certain terms within a contract. If your company is accused of breach of contract, as a client of Issuer Consulting, we can act as your expert witness. We can provide information regarding the securities transfer in question, SEC rules, and other procedures to better help your company’s case in court.

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    Below is a comprehensive list of Issuer Consulting’s expert witness services.

    • Security and stock transfers
    • Restricted legend removals through Rule 144
    • Registration statements
    • Crowdfunding offerings
    • Corporate actions: mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, buybacks, spinoffs, etc.
    • Stock deposits
    • SEC filings
    • Blue Sky state filings
    • DTC related stock transfers
    • Medallion Signature Guarantees
    • Quarterly and annual financial statements
    • Escrow and dividend payments
    • Press releases

    Putting Our Clients First

    We prioritize our clients at Issuer Consulting, especially while acting as your expert witness.

    Professional Testimony

    The staff at Issuer Consulting knows all the details of each of the above services, maximizing your chance for success

    30 Years of Experience

    Our vast experience will save you and your company time and money

    With parent companies that perform share transfers, EDGAR and XBRL filings, crowdfunding filings, and numerous other services above, Issuer Consulting is more than qualified to consult with companies about these services. Further, our staff has decades of experience and will gladly act as your professional expert witness.

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