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    At Issuer Consulting, we prioritize our clients and pride ourselves on the high quality advice that we provide. Our professional team will relieve your financial stress by acting as your personal CFO consultant. As your CFO consultant, our staff assists you with numerous services related to SEC compliance, investors, funding, contract negotiations, strategic planning, roadshows and more.  A CFO consultant is especially helpful in the transition from a private to public company, since you’ll likely be dealing with additional capital and employees. The responsibilities associated with becoming public can be overwhelming, but Issuer Consulting eases that burden for you and your company. Following your transition to public, our staff will ensure that you remain compliant with the every one of the SEC’s dynamic rules and regulations.


    CFO consultants like Issuer Consulting benefit all types of companies. Our consulting services include:

    1. Discuss and plan capital-raising strategies such as IPOs and crowdfunding campaigns
    2. Planning and coordinating shareholder meetings
    3. Working with brokers and other securities firms such as a transfer agent
    4. Ensure SEC compliance and accurate filings
    5. Evaluating cap table projections and company valuation
    6. Expansion opportunities
    7. Create and assess expense and budget load
    8. Evaluate staff personnel to improve company efficiency
    9. Evaluate competitive angle and discuss effective strategies to compete


    Evaluate cap table, company valuations, and your competitive advantages to maximize your company’s success


    Discuss IPOs, crowdfunding offerings and other strategies to raise capital for your company, as well as expansion opportunities such as mergers and acquisitions

    Ensure Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure your compliance with the SEC and other regulatory agencies

    This list is not exhaustive; however, Issuer Consulting will adapt its services to fit your financial needs. We offer personalized service with staff that hold over 30 years of experience. Extensive experience coupled with fast turnaround times allows our consultants to address all of your needs in a timely manner without sacrificing quality or professionalism. Whether you are an experienced issuer, a new entrepreneur beginning to fund a venture, or anything in between, Issuer Consulting will help you. As your CFO consultant, we will offer consistent communication, ensuring your needs are taken care of and your goals are met.

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