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    Online Marketing

    An engaging website will greatly enhance your ability to market your products or services online. However, online marketing requires immense planning and more outlets than just one website. Issuer Consulting assists you with determining your target audience and subsequently tailor your marketing plan to that audience. We offer consulting services for SEO, adwords, and email blasts.


    A valuable service critical to engaging a wide audience is effective search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an advertising technique used by companies to increase user engagement. It involves using unique keywords and phrases within website content, which consumers search; as a result, they see your page in their search results. These keywords are valuable when they are industry specific and even more valuable if they are unique to only your company.

    Critical to building SEO is not simply the content, but also meta-descriptions. Meta-descriptions are small paragraphs of text under the titles in search engine results. These descriptions are about 150 words in length, depending on what you search for. They are another opportunity to increase the number of clicks to your site by adding keywords and phrases. The meta-description does not have to be a full sentence; sometimes you can simply highlight a company name or slogan, or a list of services or products. You can also write a few sentences necessitating a call to action. The language you use is important; to build SEO, do not use everyday language that would appear on thousands of websites as keywords or in meta-descriptions. It’s highly unlikely that your site will appear on one of the first pages if that is the case. Every site can have a meta-description but it’s most vital that your home pages have them.

    Brainstorming keywords can become difficult when working with a large number of web pages. Our team discusses ways to enhance your company’s SEO by helping you create unique keywords and phrases relevant to your business and implement meta-description optimization techniques that are used to improve your online marketing strategy.


    Implement and manage an effective SEO campaign for your company.


    Discuss how adwords can help boost your online marketing capabilities, allowing you to engage a wider audience

    Email Blasts

    Discuss how e-blasts benefit your company and assist you with email blast distribution

    Pay Per Click

    Issuer Consulting also discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using pay per click advertising to help boost your advertising. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use this service. Similar to SEO, adwords rely on the use of keywords and phrases in web content that consumers then search on the web. However, pay per click advertising costs money. You pay the search engine, and in return, when people search your keyword or keywords, your ad appears on the search engine results page.

    Most companies pay search engines on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, where each time a viewer clicks the company’s add, it owes Google a fixed amount of money. This amount of money is determined by a bidding process, where other companies in your industry compete for the use of certain words. If one company pays more, their ad will appear over other ads. Like with SEO, Issuer Consulting helps you determine which adwords are worthwhile investments and which may be worth competing for. We will ultimately maximize the marketing capability of your company.

    Email Blasts

    Lastly, Issuer Consulting assists you regarding email distribution to targeted investors. Different types of content are sent out via email blasts:

    • Current industry news and updates
    • Company news and updates
    • Important information concerning investors
    • Corporate announcements of a merger or name change, and more.

    Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with all of your clients. They allow you to keep them posted on the status of your company or gauge their interest in your company.

    In an increasingly technological world, successful online marketing is crucial to the success of your company. Issuer Consulting optimizes your marketing strategies which will allow you to thrive among your competitors, paving the way for your company’s success.

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    Online Marketing

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