Issuer Consulting’s Private Company Services

Issuer Consulting provides advisory services for private companies. These services include private equity, management consulting, and corporate marketing. Just like with public companies, our staff can help you improve your marketing and advertising capabilities. We also provide some management consultant services. As a private issuer, you won’t need to file with the SEC. Additionally, it’s unlikely that you’ll be in a scenario where you’re in need of an expert witness. However, we can still perform CFO-related duties to ensure your company’s finances are sufficiently managed. Below is a list of our private company services:

  • Private Equity
  • CFO Consultant
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Online Marketing

Although private companies don’t have to deal with the added scrutiny of the SEC, a consulting firm like Issuer Consulting will still help lead the company to its success.

Private Companies

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